PlayStation 5 to Get its Own Game Pass to Compete With the Xbox Game Pass?

PlayStation 5 to Get its Own Game Pass to Compete With the Xbox Game Pass?
The Xbox Game Pass is perhaps one of the finest gaming subscriptions out there right now. PlayStation 5 came out with a range of exquisite exclusives at launch, and more are on their way. However, for months users have been asking Sony about its plans on competing with Xbox’s Game Pass.

While we know little, for now, Sony Interactive CEO Jim Ryan stated in an interview that there is “news to come.” This is the closest the patrons have come to receive an official response on Sony’s future plans to compete with the Game Pass.

PlayStation 5 patrons are in store for some good news

Sony for years has been implementing policies to bring good news for its loyal patrons. The PlayStation Plus subscription serves as a perfect blueprint for this statement.

Just last year, Sony reduced the price of the PS+ subscription to $10 as a means to compete with the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, PS+ subscribers also get access to two free titles in a month. The players can access these titles from the PS Store, giving them enough time to complete them before a new set of titles comes around.

In the words of Jim Ryan, “The great first-party IPs are all there, the great partner titles, and we’d say that if you are new to PlayStation, or if you didn’t have a PS4 but are getting a PS5, and you’re taking out a PS Plus subscription, you’re basically getting PS4 there for the price of the subscription.”

PS5 won’t emulate Xbox’s strategies

The two consoles have been going for the gold for decades now. While both PlayStation and the Xbox have been vying to establish a niche in the same market, the methods have been rather different. And this is what Jim highlighted. There might be more news to come, but PlayStation will not be adopting Xbox’s strategies.

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He said, “We are not going to go down the road of putting new releases titles into a subscription model. These games cost many millions of dollars, well over $100 million, to develop. We just don’t see that as sustainable.”

The Xbox Game Pass for sure is alluring, offering more than a hundred titles for a mere $10 a month. This deal becomes even sweeter after the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, which adds a range of magnificent Bethesda titles to the Game Pass.

Only time will tell what Sony offers to its PlayStation patrons. But it’s safe to assume that it would knock our socks off!

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