Omg! Fashion designer Victoria Beckham reunites with Spice Girls to celebrate Pride month, were you expecting?

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Fashion designer-singer-model, Victoria Beckham had shocked the world with big news yesterday. Of course, if you have been an ardent fan of Victoria, you might as well know that she was an amazing singer and when we heard of the news back in the ’90s, she decided to leave her band, Spice Girls and start her fashion label ‘Victoria Secret’. Many of us were unhappy when we heard of this statement. FYI, she was known as Posh Spice and her debut single with the girl band ‘Wannabe’ was on the top list back in 1996. Well, just so you know, Victoria took to her social media yesterday and confirmed that she and the Spice Girls have collaborated to celebrate Pride and are currently raising money for charity, isn’t that amazing?

Victoria called upon Sporty, Ginger and Scary and looks like the ‘Wannabe’ days are soon gonna roll for the ladies… Ummmmm, exciting, right? Well, to answer yes of course as we see them reunite long after 25 years. Keeping that in mind, Victoria has taking a huge step and with the help of her fashion label, she said that she would be partnering with Albert Kennedy Trust and will donate 100 per cent of the profits to the charity to support its work in the LGBTQ+ youth homeless in the UK. Talking about that she said, “Pride to me isa celebration of being completely yourself and this year’s T-shirt is a reminder of that and the LGBTQ+ community is so close to my heart and I’m so proud to be supporting pride 2021 with AKT again this year.”

For those unaware, Victoria has printed T-shirt’s and pouch that reads, “Proud and Wannabe Your Lover”, inspiring! Yesterday, on Instagram Victoria posed proudly along in her 2021 pride apparel. She chooses to pair the cute t-shirt with blue washed denim jeans and left her blonde hair down in waves. She kept her look as usual simple yet elegant and pulled off the look in perfect demure. Give her fabrics, colours and there you go she’ll show you how to switch it up with her trend of her own. The multi-colour t-shirt and pouch print have been doing some rounds on social media and there is no way to ignore her designs but stay starstruck at the blend of colours. The t-shirt’s are available from £80 and VVB  ‘Proud ad Wannabe your Lover’ pouch in glossy black shade costs £95 in Victoria Beckham’s store in London as well as on her online fashion website ‘ So, before you putting the lovely t-shirt and pouch in your cart, check out her Instagram post right below:

To be honest, it is really surprising to see many celebs on how they are trying to fund the Queerness and are finding their way out to support the Pride. So, guys what are you waiting for go get those t-shirt’s in your wardrobe and show your support on the occasion of Pride this month. Do you love the way Victoria styled her Pride 2021 t-shirt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.