Ombudsman would like a little more Angus … News goes Rudd (again) … Sky dark about SA?

Ombudsman would like a little more Angus … News goes Rudd (again) … Sky dark about SA?

The Ombudsman’s Angus Taylor investigation ends with a whimper, Mike Nahan’s poison kiss-off, and what are Sky’s plans for South Australia?

Angus Taylor
Minister for Energy Angus Taylor (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Pie in the Sky thinking As the COVID-19 cluster in South Australia grows worse and more restrictions are imposed, we’re looking forward to seeing Sky’s After Dark carnival barkers sent to Adelaide to abuse the Steven Marshall government over its COVID-19 mishandling.

Leading the charge, we’re sure, oddly worn mask and all, will be Peta Credlin — who will bring her unique and “forensic” questions to Marshall’s daily briefings. Andrew Bolt will chip in, no doubt, with some columns and editorials attaching the origins of the outbreak to the South Australian Liberal’s party’s embrace of multiculturalism.

A special documentary on what went wrong will no doubt follow.


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