Nostalgic News: JLS released Outta This World 10 years ago

Nostalgic News: JLS released Outta This World 10 years ago

Every British teen/early 20-year old will know of the hype around JLS. Though not quite on the level of One Direction or The Wanted, the band certainly deserve all the praise they get as they represent an incredible time in early 2010s pop.

Outta This World is the sophomore album of JLS and was released 10 years ago today. It debuted at number two in the UK charts, and in the past 10 years has sold over 650,000 copies.

Memorable tunes from this legendary album include ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, ‘The Club Is Alive’ and ‘Better for You’. The single version of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ features Tinie Tempah, and was a big hit in the UK, hitting number 8 on the charts.

If you’re looking to reminisce on the innocence of 2010s pop, listen to Outta This World to celebrate its 10-year anniversary release. Although it didn’t please some popular music departments of some magazines, it’s definitely the sound of 2010s boy bands that’ll transport you back to the joys of 2010.

Listen to ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ below’ below:

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