Ninja discusses his break & return to Fortnite

Ninja discusses his break & return to Fortnite

There was a time when Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Fortnite were synonymous with one another. Ninja had a solid following before the game’s release, but being an early adapter of Fortnite allowed him to catapult himself to stardom – becoming, arguably, the most popular streamer of all time.

This all occurred in – what many consider to be – Fortnite’s heyday. The game is still extremely popular, but the biggest streamers began to fall off, one by one. Now, there are only a few original names left on the Fortnite Twitch directory, and Ninja hasn’t been one of them.

Although Ninja still dipped his toe into the Fortnite waters from time to time, he wasn’t regularly playing or streaming the game. For the bulk of Chapter 2, Ninja’s only attachment to Fortnite was the sporadic Ninja Battles tournament series. It became clear that he didn’t enjoy the game anymore and wanted to play things like Valorant, Fall Guys, and Among Us.

This changed a bit when Chapter 2 Season 4 came out. Ninja seemed interested in the new season from the start – contacting SypherPK for a co-stream the morning that Season 4 came out. Sypher missed the message, but soon capitalized on Ninja’s newfound interest in Fortnite.

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A couple of weeks later, Sypher reached out to Ninja and the two streamed Fortnite for the first time in months. It was clear from the start that Ninja was having a blast with the new season. He and Sypher were messing around with the new hero abilities and fan-favorite returning items like Shockwave Grenades.

Fast-forward a week and Ninja is actually streaming Solos again – something that few fans expected to see. Solos are widely considered to be the most difficult Fortnite mode to stream, but Ninja was making impressive plays, talking trash, and dancing on fallen stream snipers. It felt like old times.

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“Honestly, the game was not fun to me,” Ninja explained when discussing his extended break from Fortnite. “It felt super stale, super boring – I honestly don’t really have anything good to say about the last two seasons.”

Ninja decided to take a chance when SypherPK asked him to play during Season 4. “I’m having a blast, man. It feels good again. It feels fun,” Ninja told his chat. “I’m playing Fortnite Solos. When was the last time you saw me playing Fortnite Solos?”

In a lot of ways, Ninja is the pulse of the Fortnite community. Season 4 has felt like a return to form for Fortnite. We’re back to an evolving season with unique weapons and items that finally offer a variety of playstyles. The Boogie Bombs and Shockwaves might seem like small additions, but they bring the lightheartedness that Fortnite has been missing for the past few seasons.

Hopefully, Epic stay the course for the upcoming Fortnite seasons and add some awe-inspiring events to cap them off. Fortnite is due for a resurgence in popularity, and we could be on the brink of that. Ninja was just the first domino to fall.

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