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NFL quarterback rankings, Week 11: Ben Roethlisberger comes alive

NFL quarterback rankings, Week 11: Ben Roethlisberger comes alive
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Nov 15, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Jake Luton (6) throws a pass under pressure from Green Bay Packers linebacker Preston Smith (91) in the third quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Roethlisberger has largely been a passenger for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, but he flashed vintage form against the Cincinnati Bengals.

In the 2020 FanSided NFL quarterback rankings — which go live here every Tuesday morning throughout the regular season — we use a weighted average of current and past performances, with the former meaning more than the latter.

Here we go…


Joe Flacco

QB New York Jets

New York Jets

2020 stats: 659 yards | 56.7 completion % | 4 TDs | 2 INTs | 6.3 YPA | 66.7 QBR

Last Week: 31

Flacco is getting another start this week with Sam Darnold on the mend. He was better two weeks ago against the Patriots, but the start was largely ruined by a hideous fourth-quarter interception.


Garrett Gilbert

QB Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

2020 stats: 243 yards | 55.3 completion % | 1 TDs | 1 INTs | 6.4 YPA | 63.3 QBR

Last Week: 30

Gilbert played reasonably well against the Steelers. Now, he hits the road for a game with the Vikings. Can he play another decent game?


Jake Luton

QB Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

2020 stats: 473 yards | 60.3 completion % | 2 TDs | 2 INTs | 6.5 YPA | 59.0 QBR

Last Week: 29

Luton threw one interception against the Packers, but could have legitimately thrown three or four more. The Jaguars gave the rookie a chance because of nice athleticism and a strong arm, but the accuracy is lacking.


Drew Lock

QB Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

2020 stats: 1,497 yards | 55.0 completion % | 7 TDs | 10 INTs | 6.3 YPA | 36.4 QBR

Last Week: 27

The Broncos should give Lock seven more starts and then pull the plug barring a miraculous turnaround. After four interceptions in Las Vegas, there’s no doubt regarding his lack of talent.


Nick Mullens

QB San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers

2020 stats: 1,390 yards | 67.3 completion % | 6 TDs | 6 INTs | 8.1 YPA | 42.0 QBR

Last Week: 32

Mullens is a middling backup, and he’s currently in over his head. Two more interceptions in New Orleans and without much of an arm, the upside is non-existent.


Nick Foles

QB Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

2020 stats: 1,852 yards | 65.6 completion % | 10 TDs | 8 INTs | 6.1 YPA | 48.3 QBR

Last Week: 26

Foles is the best of a bad situation in Chicago, but now he’s hurt and unfortunately, his future looks to be in jeopardy. We might be seeing Mitchell Trubisky or Tyler Bray for awhile.


Alex Smith

QB Washington Football Team

Washington Football Team

2020 stats: 752 yards | 68.3 completion % | 1 TDs | 3 INTs | 7.2 YPA | 48.2 QBR

Last Week: 28

Consecutive 300-yard games for Smith to start off his return. In Detroit, he played well, throwing for 390 yards on 55 attempts. Finally, Smith completed 10 passes of more than 10 air yards. Not bad.


Carson Wentz

QB Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

2020 stats: 2,091 yards | 58.2 completion % | 12 TDs | 12 INTs | 6.1 YPA | 50.3 QBR

Last Week: 22

We might be at rock bottom with Wentz. On Sunday, Wentz threw for 123 yards on 27 attempts with a pair of interceptions. In fact, those turnovers were the only attempts over 20+ yards. In short, if the Eagles have any shot to get going, Wentz needs to do a 180.

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