Nets 2020 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Brooklyn looks to the wing at No. 19

Nets 2020 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Brooklyn looks to the wing at No. 19

The NBA Draft is less than a month away, which means mock season is officially in full swing.

After making the playoffs in 2019-20, the Nets are looking at the 19th pick on Nov. 18. Here’s a look at who they could select…


PG Theo Maledon (France)

Maledon will have plenty of things to work on to adapt to the NBA after his stint in France. He needs to bulk up in strength and expand his offensive game, but his defense looks promising. He’s the type of international point guard who could be the diamond in the rough of the draft.

Chris Forsberg, NBC Sports

G/F Desmond Bane (TCU)

The snark in us would suggest Brooklyn identify the rookie with the thickest skin for when Kyrie Irving blames Brooklyn’s struggles on the young guys. The Nets could need shooting if they don’t retain Joe Harris and could probably use some depth at the 4.

Kevin O’Connor, The Ringer

G/F Josh Green (Arizona)

The Nets will need glue guys around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving; Green makes logical sense as a hard-nosed defender who plays smart offense.

Matt Norlander, CBS Sports

PF Xavier Tillman (Michigan State)

Tillman was one of the five-or-so best defensive players in college basketball last season. He’s a grown man with a great team attitude and a solid hoops IQ. His offensive habits need some refining, but Tillman has many of the tools required to have a long-lasting NBA career as a power forward.

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