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Morrison government has ‘completely pushed away responsibility’ for quarantine

Morrison government has ‘completely pushed away responsibility’ for quarantine

morrison government has completely pushed away responsibility for quarantine


Labor MP Peter Khalil says there has been a “complete pushing away of responsibility” by the Morrison government on quarantine and these failures have led to the harsh travel ban on Australians returning from India.

“Why aren’t we repatriating our people, our Australian citizen, like the US, the UK and many other counties have done, we didn’t even do that,” he said.

“There has been a complete pushing away of responsibility by the Morrison government, give all the risk to the states and territories.

“When is he going to step up, when is he going to be the prime minister of Australia and stop playing political games?”

The federal government has made it illegal for people who spent time in India within 14 days of their intended arrival date in Australia to return home and imposed a $66,000 fine or five-year jail term for those found breaking the rules.

Mr Khalil pointed to the fact “never before in our federation has a Commonwealth government made it illegal for Australians citizens to come home”.

“It’s outrageous, it’s a distraction from the fact that Morrison has failed, he’s botched it.

“He said he’d have all Australians home by Christmas and completely failed on his own benchmark”.

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