Man City welcome your ‘mean-spirited apologies’ in a Mailbox special…

Man City welcome your ‘mean-spirited apologies’ in a Mailbox special…
Get your mails on Man City and anything else in to…

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Now, if you could form an orderly queue to issue your snivelling, self-interested, mean spirited apologies, that would be just tickety boo, thank you.

Just trying to help
Levenshulme Blue, Manchester19

No consequences for those with the money
Welp after that CAS ruling I suggest we all just hand over our clubs to dictators from aound the world with infinite money to invest, if we want our clubs to be able to compete. No, seriously what’s the incentive for a club to grow organically anymore? What’s the use of not so rich clubs like Liverpool, Atletico, Everton, Ajax, etc to invest so much time into building a self sustaining club when every random billionaire can basically invest unlimited money into their teams to buy all the best players and increase salaries and transfer fees beyond the realm of a select few? City and PSG distorted football completely and they face no consequences for it. In the grand scheme of things, this is exactly what you’d expect. No consequences for those with the money.
Sid, LFC

I’m sure there’s more nuance to it than this, but this is my understanding of the situation: Say I (UEFA) decide to have a house party and only invite people that haven’t been a jerk (Financial Fair Play), but I tell this one guy (City) that he’s not invited because frankly they’ve been a bit of a jerk. This person then goes to the police (CAS) to say this isn’t fair, so the police come to my house and tell me I HAVE to allow this person into my party regardless.

So essentially I have no control over who comes to my house party?

Hats off to the jerk I suppose, they’ve made a complete mockery of my selection criteria (Financial Fair Play) for who was invited, and have now made themselves comfortable in my home and I seemingly can’t tell them to leave.

Literally no one comes out looking good from this.
Chris, Barnet

I’m a Manchester United supporter. I might as well get that out there from the start. However I really don’t care if united were top of the league or bottom of the championship regarding this. It has zero to do with the champions league qualification situation, that will look after itself. This decision for man City has instantly increased my hatred of city by 2000%. The blatant breaking of the rules, the entitlement and the arrogance.

The ability to do what they did and get caught doing it, and still get away with it. No shame whatsoever. A 10 million fine! It’s like giving a billionaire ferrari driver who is related to the minister for justice a speeding ticket for doing 200kmph in a 50kmph, and then watching him snort coke off a strippers tits as hes handed the ticket before speeding off. Yea, I figured it wouldn’t stand either. I thought maybe one Yr. At best. Tacky nouveau riche behaviour. I feel sorry for real city fans in a way. The ones who went to maine Road in the 80s and 90s. Their club has vanished. Unrecognisable. The ones jumping up and down today because they “won”. Well, they won’t get this. Or if they do, they ll deny getting it. If you can’t or wont see that everything you touch is now tainted then you’re beyond redemption.
Edwin Ambrose

So with City overturning their ban but still getting a fine I assume they have still been found guilty?

If that’s the case then honestly what is point of FFP rules if you just get a fine which means nothing as somebody is pumping money into the club?

I honestly don’t get this at all and hope your site can explain it in some way, I’d expected either they’d be cleared or they would get a ban of some sorts so this makes little sense

Seems money can buy you anything, football is corrupt at the highest level City have shown if you’re rich enough and throw enough of a tantrum and threaten then you can get away with anything.
Paul Murphy, Manchester

Well that was a surprise wasn’t it?
P (Champions) J, Speke

Absolutely no surprise at the inevitable overturning of the Manchester City euro ban. Disappointingly unsurprising. It’s all a bit rich really.
Joe Donohoe

In a world run by racists, despots and liars, we should not be surprised that cheats are allowed to prosper in our sport.  Just another one in the eye for the average joe.
Mark, LFC, Hong Kong

So let me get this straight.  Because city obstructed the investigation successfully they hid enough evidence to not get the punishment for breaking the rules even though everyone knows they did. Right?
Rob, LFC


Football is broken
Hugh, Cork/Dublin

‘Hello’ (to a train conductor) ‘Here is my ticket’.
‘That’s not eligible for this train’.
‘I see’.
‘You must leave this train immediately, and pay a £1000 fine’.
‘I see’.
*has a quick conversation with an oily looking guy sitting next to me about
what we can do about this*
‘Is it eligible now?’
*conductor scrutinises my argument, which has been me waving my hands around in an elegant, snake-like way*
‘Yes, it’s entirely in keeping with what the rules are, and it was a mistake to consider it as otherwise given the body of evidence you have presented.’
‘Great, I’ll stay on this train then.’
‘OK. The fine is still £1000.’

Makes sense.
Toby Sprigings

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