Madonna put a fresh spin on this Gucci outfit and clearly, she dresses up in grandeur!

Madonna put a fresh spin on this Gucci outfit and clearly she dresses up in grandeur
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Even during the time of lockdown, it’s fair to say that the fashion icon Madonna has given us #OutfitGoals and that sure gave us the inspiration to wake up and dress up. Yet again, she impresses us with this sewed Gucci outfit and sure leaving us in astonishment. The star has been taking the summer season quite seriously, we think of! For her latest event fit, she chooses to don a Gucci outfit that looked extremely incredible for her show “Madame X”.

Of course, we knew that the singer would go to the next level post-lockdown and sure she is currently making waves in the fashion world with her impeccable sense of style. Talking about her custom two-piece Gucci tweed outfit that of course looks excellent… It gives an interpretation of the contrast edges of the Italian classics, we’re a fan! By the way, not only are we amazed by the clothing she slipped into but also her take on her playful sense of style is next level.

Here, the look from the brand’s spring-summer 2021-2022 collection was reinterpreted for balmy summer days in a tough fabric with matching hot knit mini-skirt and jacket glimpsed fab on the diva and she left us *lovestruck*. She paired it with high-glossy black boots with open messed crisscrossed nett stocking.

If you take a closer look at Madonna’s outfit it sure lends a fresh 80’s inspired twist and to be honest she nails it in perfection. She finished off the look with her hair let down and accessorised her outfits with simple gold chains, rings, bracelets and black sunglasses that looked cool. There is no doubt that the singer’s take on high fashion classic hit all the right notes for perfect lunch date post-lockdown in of course giving it summer style vibes.

For those wondering of how to take some style tips from the fashion idol you need to grab your phone and check out Madonna’s Instagram grid you sure will be inspired by her wonderful looks. As for now, we are already gasping for air with her latest look. She shared a series of images on her Instagram account and well, we cannot forget to mention the signature look she poses in every pic: Yes, the star custom made a similar Gucci print hat and that’s, of course, she flashes it in grace. She captioned the post: “I’m so Gucci.” Check out the picture right here:

And yet the real fashion game-changer here was undoubtedly was her hat (TBH) and it proves that all it takes a trend to the line between chic and cool by making your style game look top-notch. Well, she showed off the high fashion label’s attire in loveliness and made us want to grab it right away, are you too craving for her looks already? Let us know in the comments section below.