Loop readers scold ‘Grinches’ who stole X-Mas goodies from Mac Foods

Loop readers scold ‘Grinches’ who stole X-Mas goodies from Mac Foods
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Appalled Loop News readers are crying shame on the perpetrators who broke into the Mac Foods Meat Processors Limited business, in Laventille, and stole a large quantity of ‘Christmas meats’ earlier this week.

The bandits broke into the Old St Joseph Road establishment between Sunday night and Monday, November 16 and made off with $30,000 worth of turkey, ham and chicken.

Employees discovered the crime shortly after arriving for work early Monday morning and alerted the police.

Loop News readers took to social media to express their disgust at the crime.

“Glad to know this, buy at official supermarkets,” Sue Ann Thomas commented on Facebook. “To those imps, you deprived other persons of having a Christmas as well. Hope the TTPS apprehend you all and deal with you all brutal because clearly, this will get out of control.”

Tanisha Thompson-Bharat wrote: “Smh, and is ppl from the same community doing this. A lot of ppl from the area employed there, when or if they decide to relocate, that’s it for the community. I am amazed that they survived there for so long.”

“They opening their own store,” Sikhi Mahiti surmised and Marian Debra Thomas added, “They have buyers. God is watching. Karma is real.”

A number of readers lamented the apparent high level of crime throughout the country.

“Every year, every Christmas — and I’m not singing [Luther Vandross] song. Couple years ago, a security guard was also killed around Christmas season, as a result of a similar occurrence,” Nerissa Dqueen wrote.

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