Let’s talk about DJ Khaled’s luxurious multi-coloured printed silk shirt he sported in his new music video ‘ Khaled Khaled’ it honestly gives a tropical vibe!

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DJ Khaled has no doubt proved his impeccable sense of style and he makes sure to show it off in perfect demure. All the expensive clothing that he prefers to slip on has particularly been the talk of the fashion town now. Of course, many are gossiping about his luxurious multi-coloured printed silk shirt that gives many fashion buffs #OutfitGoals. Boy, you better need to take some cues from the fashion icon cos it’s first: Iconic and second: His exaggerated outfit never fails to grab eyeballs.

Indeed, it is tricky to not point out DJ Khaled’s outfits he decides to wear in the most trending music videos he releases. And to be honest not only his music video makes the right noise in the entertainment world but also his funky attires are loved by his fans. The rapper’s new album, Khaled Khaled has us talking today and well, we can go on and on having an insane conversation on his tropical album cover picture, for sure. Khaled’s look follows the same unnoticeable but still out of control theme: A loose shirt + unique prints on it which reminds us of expensive beach vibes + busy upholstery and a constant wheel of perfect designs that shines bright in all his music videos.

Khalid’s has sure churned out its particular style of experimental punk rock glimpses and has generated a sonic terrain that is both timeless and confounding. While the producer and musician have been promoting his new album we’ve had our eyes *starstruck* on his full blue silky button shirt in which he looked flawless and wild. If you have been an ardent fan of Khaled, you’ve noticed that the star’s style has gradually expanded from basis to funky after the release of his album, Grateful. He truly bloomed with the preference of apparel that we’re truly a fan of! And from that time, his wardrobe has only looked brighter that faultlessly matched his personality as well as his music.

Now, time and again his new iconic look is making waves and we sure can’t keep calm as he makes a summed up impression with his new release music album. In his Instagram pic, which he shared with his fans is incredible, handsome and of course and aesthetically terrific. All of the pictures that showcase his printed outfits certainly look fire on him, don’t believe us? Check out all the post right here where Khaled pulls of his printed shirts in the pure tone, take a look right below:





Well well well….. The rapper put on a flower-patterned fashion show seems like to be. True to form though, DJ Khaled always put his own spin on all his outfits and sure he might be today’s patron saint of sleazy style, we think of! What are you’re thought on his latest ‘Khaled Khaled’ music album looks? Let us know what you’re viewing in the comments section below.