Laces Is Done Listening to What ‘They Say’ About Surviving Trauma With Powerful New Single

Laces Is Done Listening to What ‘They Say’ About Surviving Trauma With Powerful New Single
Vaughn says she wanted to make a song that didn’t just speak to her experience, but made room for survivors everywhere. “I tried to come from my own story, but also hold space for those that have felt comfortable sharing their own experiences with me,” she tells Billboard. “I became a Certified Counselor Advocate for survivors in 2016, so oftentimes I was on the other side of the Sexual Assault Hotline. It was important to create enough room for their voices to live within the song, as well as those who may have not experienced this level of trauma.”

That’s why the singer went out of her way to team up with fellow pop artists Flavia, Bellsaint and Amanda Brown for the new song — throughout the track, each of the singer enter and create their own space to take back their narrative, something Vaughn says she was eager to see happen. “Working with strong, talented, and powerful womxn is always an honor,” she says. “I feel really lucky they wanted to carry the weight of this song with me. It’s never easy sharing this type of vulnerability with the world, but knowing you have a community that’s got your back makes a world of difference.”

As for the community of listeners at home, Vaughn makes it clear that she wants nothing more that to help empower them to look closer at the things they tell themselves, and recognize that sometimes, they simply are not the truth. “I hope [“They Say”] helps dismantle some of that inner-narrative that a lot of us were taught and thought was our own voice,” she says. “We don’t have to give that voice power. What we can do is stand together, hold a space for the pain, and work towards making a safer, more equitable, and equal world.”

Check out Laces’ new single “They Say,” featuring Flavia, Bellsaint and Amanda Brown, below:

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