Kimmel Jokes America ‘Might Have to File a Restraining Order’ Against Trump (Video)

Kimmel Jokes America ‘Might Have to File a Restraining Order’ Against Trump (Video)
On Monday Jimmy Kimmel did as he often does lately and spent some time in his opening monologue talking about Donald Trump’s continuing, undemocratic refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election and concede, or as Kimmel calls it, “Squattergate.” It’s getting so bad, Kimmel joked during the bit, that “we might have to file a restraining order” to make Trump leave after Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20.

“We are on day 27 now of Squattergate,” Kimmel said to kick off the discussion. “Trump still has not made a concession speech. He continues to dispute the results of the election. Last night he wrote ‘No way we lost this election.’ We might to have to file a restraining order against him.”

Kimmel continued by bringing up Trump’s shameless, unhinged interview Sunday with Fox News personality Maria Bartiromo — who was widely condemned for letting Trump lie about the election and agreeing with his lies.

Kimmel played a clip from what he called “a cornucopia of unchallenged false claims,” in which Trump kept talking about the counting of votes in terms that sounded uh, scatalogical because he kept referring to “massive dumps.”

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“When you get to his age, a lot of your conversation is about the size of your dumps,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel then noted an interesting report this week that Trump’s constant rallies leading up to the election didn’t seem to help him and in fact, he either saw his lead shrink or saw the county flip to Biden in almost all counties in which he held them.

“He did worse in those counties – than he did in 2016,” Kimmel said about that. “I guess telling a group of people who are freezing their nuts off that your opponent’s gonna take away their air conditioning – didn’t rally the base like he hoped it would.”

Kimmel concluded the bit by noting that on Monday  both Wisconsin and Arizona certified Biden’s win in the states, marking more defeats for Trump’s ongoing legal efforts to steal the election, then transitioning to discussion of a report that Trump is considering running again in 2024 and holding a rally on Jan. 20 to compete with Biden’s inauguration.

“No President – has ever lost one election – so many times. But he could be coming back for one more.Not only is he reportedly planning to run again in 2024 – he is floating the idea of launching his campaign – during Joe Biden’s inauguration week. Because of course he is,” Kimmel said.

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“I think he should do it at Biden’s inauguration. At the Inauguration itself, run up, grab the mic, and complete the transformation into full Orange Kanye already.”

Watch the whole monologue at the top. The part dealing with Trump’s attempt to subvert the election kicks in about 8 minutes in.

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