Kenny Omega Beats Jon Moxley, Wins AEW World Title on Dynamite Winter Is Coming

Kenny Omega Beats Jon Moxley, Wins AEW World Title on Dynamite Winter Is Coming

Photo credit: AEW.

Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley on Wednesday night’s Winter Is Coming edition of Dynamite to win the AEW World Championship for the first time.

Omega won when Impact Wrestling executive and longtime friend Don Callis slid him a microphone, which The Cleaner then used to hit Moxley over the head and then hit him with four V Triggers and a One-Winged Angel for the victory. Omega and Callis sprinted to a waiting car after the match, saying to watch Impact on Tuesday for answers on their actions. 

With the win, Omega ended Moxley’s nine-month reign and became the third wrestler to hold the AEW world title.

After a long reign as one half of the AEW tag team champions with “Hangman” Adam Page ended at the hands of FTR at All Out in September, Omega shifted his focus toward returning to singles competition and challenging for the AEW world title.

He was placed in a tournament to name the No. 1 contender and was highly impressive throughout. After decimating Sonny Kiss in the first round and then beating Penta El Zero M in the semifinals, he faced his former tag team partner in the finals.

At Full Gear, Omega outlasted Page to win the tournament and earn the distinction of No. 1 contender to Moxley and the AEW World Championship.

Omega has displayed a noticeable level of cockiness ever since breaking away from Page, and it reached another level in the weeks following his tournament win.

In addition to completely altering his appearance by wearing designer suits, Omega also began speaking much differently, as he boisterously declared he was still the same “Best Bout Machine” he was during his days in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Prior to their contract signing on Nov. 18, Moxley was attacked backstage and unable to take part. Omega proceeded to run down his rival on the mic by accusing him of trying to get out of the match.

The next week, Moxley attacked Omega and took him out with a DDT onto the AEW World Championship. Mox accused Omega of hiring someone to attack him before signing the contract and promised to take the fight to his rival.

Wednesday marked only the second-ever singles meeting between the two men, after they previously wrestled at Full Gear last year. Moxley won that bout, but that was much different since it was unsanctioned and didn’t count against either of their records.

Their match on Dynamite had everything riding on it, and with Omega coming through and winning the AEW world title, he proved he is still capable of being the same performer he was in Japan.

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