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I’m a big Meghan fan — and even I’m losing patience

Im a big Meghan fan — and even Im losing patience
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The Sussexes just can’t catch a break. In response to their upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, headlines are blaring, Twitter trolls are seething and Piers Morgan is frothing at the mouth. As the self-appointed chairwoman of the Meghan fan club, I always have and always will be rooting for her and Prince Harry. But for heaven’s sake, even I’m a bit tired of it all now.

Marrying into the royal family has been tough for Meghan; she’s been criticised for everything from what colour she paints her nails to how often she rubs her pregnancy bump. In all classic fairytales, the prince and princess eventually escape the monster and ride off into the sunset. They did that. We cheered. But then they came back to treat the monster to another round.

a person posing for the cameraTake one of the clips from the Oprah interview, which seems to feature Meghan accusing “The Firm” of “perpetuating falsehoods”. Though she may be referring to the Palace and the institution rather than senior royals, her use of language invites the interpretation she is directly criticising the family.

Who exactly are the Sussexes doing this for and why do they feel the need to keep explaining themselves? If they’re trying to appeal to those of us with a shred of sympathy, they’re preaching to the converted. If they’re trying to reason with the same hate mob which linked Meghan’s preference for avocado with human rights abuses, then I’m afraid this is a battle the Sussexes just won’t win.

We’re all struggling to hold it together during a pandemic that has had us on our knees for a year now. I will defend Meghan and Harry until I’m blue in the face, but I can’t help coming back to the fact that this “beleaguered” pair are also a very well-connected, very wealthy couple, with an array of opportunities ahead of them. Once the Oprah interview is out the door, perhaps they should give it a rest.

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