How to Practically and Specifically Help Restaurants This Election Year

This is one of the most important elections in modern history—one that will have ripple effects in the restaurant industry and beyond for generations to come. Yes, we are still in a pandemic, but there are a lot of ways to mobilize for restaurants this election season. And no, not all of them require picking up the phone and calling strangers. You can work a polling station, invite friends on a Zoom call to talk about important issues at hand, and more—and there are a number of organizations that will make these actions super easy to do, which we’ve included below and will keep updating throughout the month. It’s never too late to start advocating, and we’ll be right there with you.

Know what’s at stake for the industry this election and get involved.

Francesca Hong, chef-owner of Morris Ramen in Madison, Wisconsin, and a Democratic candidate running for Wisconsin’s 76th State Assembly District, shared what’s at stake for the restaurant industry this election. Here are five actionable takeaways from Hong:

  1. Call your senators and demand they pass The Heroes Act, which now includes the Restaurants Act and will help support over 11 million workers employed by independent restaurants.

  2. All of us in the service industry have the opportunity to share our customer service talents at the polls this November—masked up and distanced, of course. Become an official poll worker and take part in ensuring a fair and accurate voting process. Oh yeah, and you get paid!

  3. Engagement is the first step to organizing and you can start by signing up to work the voter assistance hotline, which helps folks vote from the convenience of home, and sharing how they can save our industry.

  4. Every vote matters. Every vote is critical. Every vote should be counted, but there are leaders in Wisconsin trying to suppress the vote, especially in BIPOC and immigrant communities. They’re crucial players in the restaurant industry, and it’s important to make sure their voices are heard and keep lawmakers focused on helping independent restaurants build back stronger. Join the state voter protection team and make sure our voices are heard.

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