How to Magnify a Part of a Photo on iPhone and iPad

How to Magnify a Part of a Photo on iPhone and iPad
iPhone user magnifying a part of the photo
Khamosh Pathak

There are times when you need to highlight or zoom into a part of an image to view finer details. Here’s how you can use a tool built into the iPhone and iPad to magnify a part of a photo.

Apple has integrated a Magnifier feature inside the Markup tool. If you’re not familiar, the Markup tool is available in multiple locations throughout iOS and iPadOS. For example, you can access it when you’re editing an image or PDF in the Files app, as well as when you open an attachment in the Mail app.

To magnify something that’s currently on your screen, you can use the screenshot editing feature on iPhone and iPad. Take a screenshot on your device by pressing the Side button and Volume Down button together. If you’re using an older device, press the Side button and the Home button together.

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Next, tap the” Screenshot Preview” button in the bottom-left corner.

Tap on the Screenshot preview to enter annotation mode
Khamosh Pathak

Here, tap the “+” button. You’ll find the “Magnifier” option in the menu that pops up.

Choose Magnifier option from Screenshot editing screen

The process is slightly more complicated when it comes to the Photos app. Open the image you want to magnify in the “Photos” app and then tap the “Edit” button from the top-right corner.

Tap Edit button from the photo in Photos app

Tap the three-dot Menu button found in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap the Menu button from Adjust screen

From the share sheet, select the “Markup” option.

Choose Markup from the sheet

Now, tap the “+” button and choose the “Magnifier” option.

Choose Magnifier from the Plus menu in Photos app

You’ll now see a magnifying circle in the middle of the image. You can drag it around to whatever part of the photo you want to zoom in on.

Use green or blue dot on magnifier

The Blue dot will help you increase and decrease the size of the magnifier. Tap it and swipe in or out to change the size.

Changing the size of the magnifier

You can use the Green dot to change the magnification level. Swipe right to zoom in and swipe left to zoom out.

Changing the zoom level of the magnifier

When you select the circle, you’ll find options to cut, copy, delete, and duplicate the magnifier.

Tap the circle for options

When you’re done editing, tap the “Done” button from the top of the screen.

Tap Done from Markup screen

From the image editing screen, tap the “Done” button from the bottom of the screen.

Tap Done from the Adjust screen

You’ll now see your edited photo in the Photo gallery. You can share your magnified photo using an email or messaging app.

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