How To Host a Foreign Exchange Student

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Hosting an exchange student is an enriching experience that allows you to serve as the bridge that allows another person to enter into America. Through exchange programs, you can teach your hosted student about American culture: our food, our political history, our pop culture, our natural beauty, our diverse cities and the day-to-day realities of American life. At a time when America’s reputation on the world stage is in decline, it may be more important than ever.

If you’ve ever considered hosting an exchange student and want to know how it works, here is a basic overview.

criteria set by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs states you must:

  • Be able to provide for an additional member of the family including a separate bed, suitable study area, and three meals per day.
  • Offer a supportive environment as the student goes through his or her adjustment process.
  • Be interested in teenagers/international students and have realistic expectations of what life with a teenager is like. Help your student adapt to your family and to U.S. life and culture.
  • Familiarize your student with your hometown and promote participation in school and community events.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for the student to live and learn.

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IntelliCorp, a virtual way to input all of your information and send it directly to the exchange program. You will only be accepted as a host if you pass a criminal background check.

AFS Intercultural Programs USA

  • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (high school students)
  • Council on International Education Exchange
  • International Student Exchange
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