House plan: Congress to oppose 4 ordinances

NEW DELHI: In the backdrop of

farmer protests

in Haryana and Punjab,


said on Sunday it will, along with like-minded opposition parties, oppose three


on agriculture and one pertaining to banking regulation in the monsoon session of Parliament, apart from raising issues of border tensions with China and the state of the Indian economy.
Congress argued that the abolition of APMCs — agri-mandis—will benefit agri-traders rather than farmers and that the government is trying to wriggle out of its commitment to procure foodgrains at their minimum support prices from Food Corporation of India.
The party’s opposition to the Banking Regulation Act, senior MP Jairam Ramesh said, is because it is against cooperative federalism, “anti-States and anti-people”. He also said cooperative banks ought to be regulated by states not Centre. Congress said it objects to the ordinance as all key financial intermediaries will come under the Centre and lead to greater centralisation, especially since it empowers the Centre to change the financial and membership structure of cooperative banks. Ramesh also said the ordinance vests more regulatory responsibilities in RBI, and with the central banks mixed performance on that front, that there is no justification for doing so.
“While it is true that we don’t have the numbers in

Lok Sabha

, we will do everything to ensure that these bills are referred to the standing


for deeper scrutiny,” Ramesh said.
The prevailing situation on the LAC and the state of the economy will also see the government and opposition parties come head-to-head.
Ramesh alleged that India’s position vis-a-vis China was “weakened” because of PM Modi’s own statement. “We need a discussion on China. Parliament is a place for debate and discussion, not for running away,” he said.

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