Here’s Why “Ocean Girl” Will Always Be Superior To “H2O: Just Add Water”

Here’s Why “Ocean Girl” Will Always Be Superior To “H2O: Just Add Water”
Ocean Girl walked so H20: Just Add Water could run.

H2O: Just Add Water was an Aussie TV Show that first aired in 2006. And since then it’s had some sort of cult-like success — spawning memes, TikToks and general hilarity.

In case you didn’t know, H2O is about three girls who, after being trapped on an island under a full moon, get magic powers that turn them into mermaids whenever they touch water.

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Plus, they all have a certain power over water — one can freeze it, one can manipulate it and one can boil it.

But, I am here to tell you that there is another Aussie TV show worthy of your devotion — Ocean Girl.

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If you remember the show, you’ll understand why Ocean Girl is an absolute diamond lacking in recognition, but if you’ve never seen it — let me clue you in.

Released in 1994, Ocean Girl is set a little way aways in the future. Its main character is Neri — who lives alone on an island. That is until an underwater research facility is built and she befriends Jason and Brett Bates.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That doesn’t sound better than H2O“, but WAIT! There’s more!

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First off, Neri can communicate with whales, including her humpback friend, Charlie.

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She also can swim long distances, has superior lung capacity and nailed that mermaid swim long before the H2O girls walked onto the scene.

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Seriously, these are exactly the same just without the fake tail.

Sure, she may not be able to stay underwater forever, but is this not more achievable than turning into a mermaid every time you brush your teeth?


She also has a couple of other powers and tricks up her sleeve.

Plus, Brett and Jason live in an underwater facility called ORCA, while their mum studies whales, which is just too cool IMO.

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Yes please, I do believe life is better under the sea — let me live there.

The whole plot of Ocean Girl is, essentially, to find out who Neri is and where her family have gone, why she’s living on an island all alone and to keep her and her whale-communicating powers a secret from the adults on ORCA.

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Stay away from that petty bullshit of H2O — this show has real scientific ~drama~!

And let me tell you — when you find out where Neri’s from and what she is, you will be gobsmacked!


🚨Spoilers ahead: Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what Neri is!!🚨

🚨Spoiler warning (again): Just in case you didn’t see my other one.🚨

So, it turns out Neri is an alien! And her and some of her family have been sent to Earth to help save our oceans, because why the hell not?

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I mean, love that for an Aussie kids’ TV show. So out there, so wild — it’s a great time.

Look, I too, love H2O: Just Add Water — both shows have their merits. But, I just think Ocean Girl deserves a little bit more recognition, because it was 100% before its time and it had me swimming around in the pool like a mermaid, long before H2O did.

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So, for those of you Aussies who still remember the fond days of Ocean Girl airing on TV, do you agree with me? Is Ocean Girl better than H2O? Let me know in the comments!

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