‘Heavens shine orange’ for Azaylia Cain as dad smiles for the first time

Heavens shine orange for Azaylia Cain as dad smiles for the first time
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Azaylia Cain’s dad smiled for the first time following her death after the heavens shone orange above their home.

The orange skyline captured by both of Azaylia Cain’s parents

Both Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee posted images of the bright orange skyline which burst through the rain clouds in Nuneaton last night (May 3).

Ashley, who played for Coventry City FC, said that the sight of the orange sky was a sign from his daughter.+

Azaylia Cain’s devastated dad vows to keep her name alive by helping others in her memory

He posted: “That was the first time I’ve smiled since that day. The first time I’ve felt happiness since that day.

“She filled me with so much belief when she was here and she’s still doing it from the heavens above. I don’t know how you do it Azaylia but please keep on making us believe.

“You’re (sic) legacy will love on and within that legacy you will help inspire, strengthen and save so many lives.”

Her mum also posted a similar message on Instagram, saying she had gone to visit her eight-month-old daughter in the chapel of rest and saw the orange skyline as a sign from her.

It has been more than a week since the announcement was made that the inspirational baby had sadly passed away at the end of April.

‘light a candle’ event was held in her honour a few nights later.

A fund set up in her name has also now topped the £1.5m mark, with donations continuing to be made throughout this week in her honour.