Greenwood issues statement on latest tabloid exclusive

Greenwood issues statement on latest tabloid exclusive

Date published: Sunday 13th September 2020 10:44

Mason Greenwood has released a statement after committing that most heinous of footballing crimes: allowing himself to be filmed ‘inhaling hippy crack’.

The Sun exclusively claim that Greenwood ‘partied with a female pal’ and indulged in the entirely legal act of inhaling nitrous oxide ‘a few weeks ago’.

The footage has coincidentally emerged as the Manchester United striker seeks to repair a reputation damaged by his escapades on international duty during his first call-up with England.

Greenwood released a statement to the Daily Telegraph apologising for his “poor judgement” over the most recent story.

“I have now been made aware of the health risks associated with this practice and accept that even trying it, as shown in these historical pictures, was poor judgement on may part,” Greenwood said.

“I strongly urge others not to follow my example. Although I am only 18, I fully realise that I have privileges and responsibilities, but this week I have also learned that I will be judged to a higher standard because of my career as a footballer and I must respect that in future.

“I will learn from these lessons and I am determined to repay the faith shown in me by my manager and coaches.”

He is far from the first footballer to fall victim to tabloid obsession with ‘hippy crack’. A dozen Arsenal players were given front-page Sun treatment in December 2018, an ‘England footie star’ (with two youth caps) made the Daily Star’s cover in April 2016 and Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish are also among those who have managed to survive something supplied to children at the dentist and women in labour.

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