Google Assistant arrives on Samsung’s 2020 TVs

Google Assistant arrives on Samsung’s 2020 TVs
In context: In the world of smart assistants, Samsung’s Bixby isn’t exactly a well-known contender. Competitors like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri have all proven more popular and functional over the years, but Samsung still stubbornly persisted with its proprietary alternative.

Samsung made its AI the front-and-center (and, in some cases, only) virtual assistant across many of its devices, including its smartphones, smart TVs, and, of course, smart refrigerators.

However, today, the tech giant finally seems to have realized that Bixby is probably never going to replace its more popular cousins.

As such, owners of Samsung’s latest 2020 TVs can finally access Google Assistant in place of Bixby, if they so choose. This means the TVs can act as a smart home access point or perform any other general Assistant functions you might be used to, such as weather check-ups or impromptu Q&A sessions.

If you want to switch Assistant on for your supported TV, doing so is quite easy. Just open up the Google Assistant app on your smartphone or tablet, and visit the Voice section of the Settings menu. There, you’ll be able to link up your TV with the touch of a few buttons.

Image credit: Jovana Kuzmanovik via Shutterstock

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