Germany Will Pay $662 Million To Holocaust Survivors Struggling Because Of The Pandemic

Germany Will Pay $662 Million To Holocaust Survivors Struggling Because Of The Pandemic


The German government will pay $662 million to Holocaust survivors worldwide who are struggling because of the pandemic, the persecution they have faced and their age, the organization that negotiates compensation with the government said Wednesday.


Holocaust survivors Dmitry and Svetlana Kazavchinski at home in Modiin, Israel on April 21, … [+] Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Key Facts

The Hardship Fund payments will be made to about 240,000 Holocaust survivors, primarily in Israel, North America, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe, during the next two years, according to the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also known as the Claims Conference.

The Holocaust survivors will receive two payments of about $1,400 in the next two years for a total of about $2,800.

Claims Conference’s executive vice president Greg Schneider told Associated Press many survivors live in poverty and the cost of masks and other protective gear, grocery deliveries and additional pandemic-related expenses has led some to decide between food, medicine and rent.

Many Holocaust survivors also suffer from medical issues because they were deprived of proper nutrition, emotional difficulties from the persecution and isolation since many lost family members, according to AP.

Key Background

The Claims Conference already distributed $4.3 million in emergency funding to agencies providing care for survivors this spring. The total global allocation for social welfare service funding by Germany is now more than $653 million for 2021, the organization said in a statement. The funding provides in-home care more than 83,000 frail Holocaust survivors and provides 70,000 survivors with food, medicine, transportation to doctors and programs to help them feel less isolated.

Crucial Quote

“There’s this kind of standard response for survivors, that ‘we’ve been through worse, I’ve been through worse and if I survived the Holocaust, through the deprivation of food and what we had to go through, I’ll get through this,’” Schneider told AP. “But if you probe deeper you understand the depths of trauma that still resides within people.”

Big Number

$80 billion. The German government has paid more than that amount in Holocaust reparations since 1952 after negotiations with the Claims Conference, the organization said.

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