Frank Lampard: Chelsea boss says Liverpool staff broke touchline code

Frank Lampard: Chelsea boss says Liverpool staff broke touchline code
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‘We are not arrogant’ – Klopp and Lampard on touchline arguments

Frank Lampard says his row with Liverpool’s coaching staff on Wednesday was as a result of them breaking football’s touchline code.

Chelsea’s boss said the Reds bench was arrogant during their 5-3 win.

“When people jump up, want to speak across to myself, smirk and smile and do so for quite a while, I think that is past the code,” Lampard said.

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has rejected the claim and said Lampard needed to learn to “close the book” on touchline rows.

A heated exchange took place between Lampard and the home bench when the Reds won a free-kick from which Trent Alexander-Arnold scored, with Chelsea’s boss later admitting “regret” over his language.

“My feeling was the bench at Liverpool, or one person in particular, was absolutely crossing that line so that became arrogant to me,” Lampard added.

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Klopp, whose side cantered to the Premier League title this term, said he respected Lampard’s competitiveness but was unhappy with the way the former England midfielder chose to continue his complaints.

“We are not arrogant. We are pretty much the opposite. You cannot throw that at our bench,” Klopp said.

“Frank was in really competitive mood, I respect that a lot. For me, after the game, it’s completely over.

“What he has to learn is to finish it with the last whistle and he didn’t do that. Speaking after the whistle is not OK.”

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While Lampard apologised for his language, he does not regret the passion he showed and wanted to make clear he had no issue with how Liverpool celebrated as they were handed the Premier League trophy.

Lampard added: “I’ve seen the video. These things get replayed on social media a lot, I’ve got two young daughters who are on social media, so I regret that.

“In terms of regretting having passion to defend my team, no. I could have handled it maybe slightly differently, to keep that language in.

“I need to be clear about this: some of the reporting said that I was upset with the celebrating of the Liverpool team. Far from it, I think Liverpool should celebrate as much as they want with the season they’ve had.

“They can celebrate like they did after the game, after every goal they scored, and they will celebrate one more time with their fans when they can. I would have had a beer with Klopp after the game.

“But there were things on the line I didn’t like from their bench, not Jurgen Klopp, people behind the bench, which I felt crossed the line, and that’s what got me agitated.”