Fox News Confirms The Atlantic’s Report on Trump’s Soldier Comments (Video)

Fox News Confirms The Atlantic’s Report on Trump’s Soldier Comments (Video)
Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin confirmed reporting published by The Atlantic on Thursday that Trump had said soldiers who died in war were “suckers” and “losers.”

“I’ve spoken with two U.S. senior officials who were on the trip to France who confirmed to me key details in The Atlantic article and the quotes attributed to the president,” Griffin said.

According to Griffin’s sources, one of whom she said was a former Trump administration official, “The president would say about American veterans, ‘What’s in it for them? They don’t make any money.’”

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Griffin also said one of her sources said, “It was a character flaw of the President. He could not understand why someone would die for their country, not worth it.”

“Regarding the French trip to mark the end of WWI, according to this former official, the president was not in a good mood,” Griffin continued. “French President Macron had said something that made him mad, he questioned why he had to go to two cemeteries. ‘Why do I have to do two?’ His staff explained he could cancel, but he was warned they — they press — are going to kill you for this. The president was mad as a hornet when they did, according to this source.”

Watch the clip here.

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