Five times Dua Lipa’s make-up game was on point that left us wanting to indulge ourselves totally in glamour!

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Dua Lipa has been currently busy basking the success of her Grammy win for the Best Pop Vocal Album for- Future Nostalgia. While she is has been making the right noises in the musical world she’s is no less when it comes to fashion and beauty as well. The star glows brightly as she leaves us astonished of course with her music but also her bold make-up gazes leaves us bewildered. At the time we are sure many of you are eager to know about Dua’s make-up motives, right? Her signature beauty looks include- Precisely tons of bright eyeshadows, shimmer on the face that gives a glow to her bare face, loads of mascara to accentuate her eyes and a rose or pink shade of glossy lipstick (Sometimes she chooses to keep it matte) does all the tricks to keep her make-up game on point.

If you have been following the singer for a long time then of course you might be aware of Dua lusts for make-up has no bounds and yet time and again she proved her desire for it. Well, we need not have to say a lot as her Instagram posts exclusively prove it. If you’re kinda looking out for make-up ideas just like how Dua executes it, we bring to you a little sneak-peek of her Instagram looks that could make you dive into and add to your beauty regime routine. While we are just trying to save your bit and why not… Finding the right idol leaves us inspired and Dua is precisely very much relatable who keep us encouraged with her rocking beauty diaries. Check them out as we list five best looks of Dua that left us with ‘Future Nostalgia’

# All eyes on those UNICORNS shades, babe!

Well, eyeshadows play a really important role when it comes to maintaining your make-up and Dua’s unicorn eyeshadow looks can match any of your apparel and can make it for a great close-up photoshoot, for sure!

# Looking for an unfiltered lit make-up look?

Then Dua suggests that you need to do your contour right and it can change your style. Luminous and Lit- is what you would be called off once your contour is right on point. Ummmm, try and try till you get succeed!

# Holly molly… Pop of hues on ur beautiful face and slight dust of blush on ur cheeks can highlight those cheekbones, daamm girl!

We have quite often noticed that Dua leaves her face to rest of course with mysterious highlights. She always picks a sun-drenched photo over a darker mode and she teaches us that no girl, YES no girl needs a lot of layers of make-up… Simple yet elegant, don’t you think Dua looks? Check out below

#Get your eye-winged liner perfect always.

Dua likes to keep her eye game on point, weather it’s about the eyeshadow or the mascara she opts to make her eyes do all the talking. Not many can get the eye-winged liner straight but the Don’t Star Now vocalist does it in perfection, we love it! Btw, this is usually done with a pencil first and then a gel eyeliner is used to sweep it all into place.

# Have you attended a grand occasion without a mascara, babe?

Dua makes sure to wake up the face with an eye wide & brighter look whilst giving it an extravagant effect. When she aims to keep her make-up basic her favourite way to apply the mascara to her lower eyelashes almost making it steal the attention and her upper lashes left naturally. To be honest, that looks great on camera!

Dua always makes sure she looks flawless even in a bare face look that she posts on her social media and at the same time we love how she gives us elegant and worth-stalking Instagram glances, we are a fan!

While we keep praising her bold make-up looks we are wondering what are your views on it? Do you like her with or without make-up? And if you like her giving #Make-upGoals which one would you save for the best? Tell us in the comments section below.