First Lady Jill Biden delivers a mic drop fashion moment at G7 summit; her outfit reads ‘LOVE’ which dedicates to the Pride Month, we think!

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After last year’s G7 summit was cancelled due to the global pandemic, it is the first time that President of the U.S.A, Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden has conducted the event this year. This year also marks their first international visit after they won the election as the Prime Minister back in January. They arrived in the UK a few days back to attend the 47th G7 summit event which is anticipated to be today June 11th and many of the world leaders around the globe will be spotted.

Yesterday, Jill and Joe were clicked at the beautiful fishing town Of St. Ives in Cornwall and looked extremely wonderful. No doubt, they stepped out on the streets so confident and elegant along with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and wife Carrie Johnson. The pictures were captured before a bilateral meeting at the G7 summit in Cornwall, U.K. The talks between Biden and Johnson drew attention to the talks about the vaccination programmes, climate crisis, travel between the US and the Uk and the agreement about the new trade post-Brexit. Of course, they delighted their fans with their presence and all of them looked in perfect epitome. But what caught our eyes was Dr Jill Biden’s outfit, right?

The details of her outfits are not missed to be mention and her choice of clothing was unexpectedly amazing. She choose to wear a polka-dot white and black dress from Brandon Maxwell, but her French label Zadig & Voltaire did all the talking. Yes, if you look closely in the picture below, you’ll see the word ‘love’ across the back with silver embellishments and it sure expressed her status as a tastemaker. And of course, the look felt like the First Lady has been supporting Queerness in a way, we think of! You already know that Pride is synonymous with love, do you? For those who don’t agree, hey! We’ve got some piece of information for you!

While she was busy with her coastal walk along with Joe, Boris and Carrie, she took a moment to speak with the reporters at the location and revealed why she chose to wear the jacket and said: “We’re bringing love from America and this is a global conference. We’re trying to bring unity from all the countries and feel a sense of hope after this year of the pandemic.” Wow! Now, we don’t know about you all but that message hits hard and truly the ‘Jacket’ worked in her favour to send out a positive statement to all. Not only that but also her message has been doing some rounds on social media since then and there is no way we can keep calm but stay lovestruck at her impeccable sense of style as well, agree?

To be honest, she sure made it seem effortless and used her wardrobe to champion unity, female creatives, and in a way showed her support of “LOVE” on the occasion of Pride Month as well. Talking about her outfit, it might have hit an upbeat expression all of its own but her message allowed her greater freedom of expression in and out of the fashion world but it leaves a chasm within the staid world of politics dressing. For those unaware, she went out for her first trip abroad since becoming the First Lady and well she did it with a bang, bringing life to the proceedings with a spirited style moment, we’re a fan!

Check out the pictures right here and give it a look and treat your eyes!

Pic Credit: Getty Images

Dr Jill Biden’s glam was kept rather modest to summon attention to the ensemble and with a blend of colours, her make-up was kept in minimal shades. Of course, the First Lady was sure to set the stage on fire for good and we love how the message of her choice of clothing stole the attention!

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