Ferrero Rocher Ice Creams Are Launching In The UK

Ferrero Rocher Ice Creams Are Launching In The UK
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This summer is set to be a good one. If things go to plan, we should be able to see friends and family, and get back to a little normality.But not only that… Ferrero Rocher is launching ice creams in the UK! It’s hard to decide what we’re looking forward to more: normality or a white Ferrero Rocher ice cream stick…

According to Instagram, the brand behind those delicious chocolate hazelnut balls wrapped in the fanciest of fancy foils is launching a range of ice creams in the UK, and they promise to be just as delicious as those iconic balls.

We first heard the exciting news about the Ferrrero Rocher ice creams when @johnssnackeviews shared a post explaining that not one, not two, but THREE different flavours of the ice creams will launch this summer.

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As far as flavours go, first up there’s the original milk chocolate and hazelnut combination, plus a dark chocolate version. Then there’s one for all your white chocolate fans: the Raffaello ice cream features white chocolate and coconut. Sold.

John adds in his Instagram post that the news of the Ferrero Rocher ice creams has not been 100% confirmed, but he has very good reason to believe it’s true.

He adds that Asda and Iceland will be the first place you can get your sticky little hands on the ice creams, then they’ll roll out to other supermarkets. And the Ferrero confectionery group recently told Confectionery Production, that the three ice cream sticks will be made available across Europe in five countries this spring, before a broader roll-out is anticipated.