Ferguson: Rashford is a ‘fantastic’ young person

Ferguson: Rashford is a ‘fantastic’ young person
Sir Alex Ferguson has heaped praise on Manchester United star Marcus Rashford for the immense work he has done away from football.

Over the past few months, Rashford has earned a lot of plaudits for his work outside of football. He has spent the last few months campaigning for children to receive free school meals.

This campaign has not been fully backed by the government. But Rashford’s scheme has gained more traction and support as he has managed to force through change for an issue close to his heart.

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Rashford was awarded an MBE in October for his inspiring work aimed at improving the lives of children up and down the country.

Now Ferguson has joined Rashford in attempting to put a stop to child food poverty.

Ferguson told the Radio Times that he is not in a position to give Rashford advise and it should be the forward who is advising him:

“He should be giving me some advice because what he’s doing at 23 years of age is fantastic for a young person.

“I have no need to tell Marcus because I think there’s humility in the way that Marcus lives his life. His feet are on the ground. There are great qualities to carry you through life, there’s no question about that. And football hasn’t changed him.

“There is a danger in football that it can change people. Money can change people. Stardom can change people. Getting to a position in life can sometimes be a problem because not everyone can carry success well.

“And at the moment Marcus is doing that very, very well.”

Ferguson added that Rashford’s humble upbringing will have helped him become the person he is today.

He added: “You can’t forget your upbringing because that’s what made me. I remember reading in a newspaper that said ‘Alex Ferguson has done well despite coming from Govan.’

“It’s because I came from Govan that I did well. It’s because of the family I had, made sure that food was on the table, that you were representing your mother and your father all the time.”

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