Evo Pop is a physics-based strategy game from ZeptoLab that’s heading for iOS and Android

Evo Pop is a physics-based strategy game from ZeptoLab that’s heading for iOS and Android
Evo Pop is an upcoming strategy game from ZeptoLab, the folks behind the Cut the Rope and the recently released Robotics! It’s set to release for both iOS and Android in November, though you might be able to download it on the latter right now.

Evo Pop will see players breeding a plethora of colourful little cube-shaped creatures, the titular Evos. They’ll start with a single organism before breeding them until they have enough to achieve world domination. To do so they’ll have to climb to the top of the food chain by duplicating, growing, jumping, and evolving to get there.

Much like a few of ZeptoLab’s previous games, Evo Pop will feature physics-based gameplay and players will control their Evos by using a variety of different spells on them. By multiplying their Evos they’ll grow their little army before making them strong enough to capture different points on the map.

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These areas can be grassy fields or forests and capturing them will allow the players Evos to evolve faster. Victory is claimed when players have the biggest or only Evo breed left standing, which can be achieved either by vastly outnumbering your opponents or consuming them.

Each breed of Evo will have their own unique skills that players will need to take advantage of to defeat their enemies. Some might be able to jump whilst others can slide downhill. These attributes can also be upgraded to make them even more powerful.

Evo Pop will be heading to the App Store sometime in November whilst you may be able to download it already from Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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