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Double-Duty Holiday Decor

Double-Duty Holiday Decor

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Getting your home ready for both fall and winter can be a chore. Between unloading boxes from the attic or basement, putting decorations away, and getting others out, this seasonal switch is time-consuming. But if you deck the halls the smart way—with a reversible sign—you’ll have one less piece of decor to worry about putting away.

Use a stencil of your choice, and lightly paint over the stencil onto the sign with a sponge brush and acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry, then apply a second coat, or leave as is for a more weathered look.

Place a piece of carbon paper in between the wooden sign and the image or design. Trace over the image, and the print will transfer onto the wood. Using a sponge brush for the most precise application, paint over the design with acrylic paint.

With an inkjet printer, place your printed image face down on the wood while it is still wet. Using a hard object, scrape the back of the paper until the image is transferred to the wood.


  • If you plan to hang your sign outside, make sure it lasts by using a wood finishing seal.
  • To hang your sign, drill holes in the top corners, and insert strong twine or wire.

Printable Reversible Sign Stencils

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