DOOM Eternal Switch Release Still Happening, id Software Says It’s “Very Close”

DOOM Eternal Switch Release Still Happening, id Software Says It’s “Very Close”
Hell, it’s about time
  • Liam_Doolan
  • by Liam Doolan
Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal was released in March on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC – so what’s going on with the Switch release?

In a recent interview with Digital Foundry’s John Linneman during PAX x EGX, id Software’s Marty Stratton provided gave Nintendo fans with a long-awaited update. Here’s exactly what he had to say:

“I wish I could give you like specifics cause I know…I read all the comments, when we say anything about Doom Eternal, like there’s always one out of every five comments, yeah ‘how about you tell us about the Switch’. I know people are anxious.”

“We’re trying to make it the best version of the game it possibly can be. So we’ve been working with Panic Button, they’re also – like everybody – work from home, so it’s taking a little bit longer to get there…we want it to be everything it possibly can be. It’s very close, and we’re trying to be very uncompromising with what it needs to be, because there’s a high demand for it.”

“We will be talking about it again, in the not-to-distant future. It is close, but I can’t say exactly how close.”

So – it’s “close” and we can expect to hear more about this version soon. This follows on from Stratton’s comments in July when he said he was “super excited” for Switch owners to get their hands on it, and mentioned how it would be “every bit as good as DOOM 2016″.

Most recently, id Software announced the game’s first campaign expansion, The Ancient Gods, Part One. It will launch next month on 20th October. Have you been holding out for DOOM Eternal on Switch? Leave a comment down below.


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