Devolver Digital rolls out free Devolverland Expo, set in abandoned convention

Devolver Digital rolls out free Devolverland Expo, set in abandoned convention
Devolver Digital has released Devolverland Expo, a free game on Steam set in an abandoned convention center that contains trailers for the publisher’s upcoming games.

Devolverland Expo was part of Devolver Direct 2020, which showcased various titles that the publisher is working on in place of a real-world event such as the canceled E3 2020. The free game, however, does not simply let players waltz into an abandoned building to watch videos.

Devolverland Expo is described in its Steam page as a “marketing simulator,” with players fighting through security systems to acquire all the trailers and gameplay demos, among other things. The game works differently than attending E3, replacing the physical challenges of attending a massive event with virtual enemies and puzzles.

Devolver Digital is not the first to make video game announcements at a virtual event, which has become the norm in the current situation. Electronic Arts’ EA Play Live and Sony’s The Future of Gaming were held in June, and Ubisoft will stream Ubisoft Forward on July 12.

A full playthrough video of Devolverland Expo has also already surfaced, for those who would rather watch instead of unlocking everything themselves.

Devolver Direct 2020

Devolver Direct 2020 included a host of announcements, all of which also appear within Devolverland Expo.

The games that were a part of the virtual event include Shadow Warrior 3, the next installment in the demon-hunting series; action-adventure title Olija; colorful battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout; reverse-horror game Carrion; chaotic first-person shooter Serious Sam 4; multiplayer dungeon brawler Blightbound; and Old West simulator Weird West.

Flying Wild Hog, the developer of Shadow Warrior 3, is also the studio behind Devolverland Expo.

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