DEADLY INJURY PORDENONE He was crushed by the same forklift he drove

Kevin lost his life at his new job

DEADLY INJURY  PORDENONE;  He was crushed by the same forklift he was driving. For Bagna Lare, on Saturday 11 July 2020 a Togolese truck driver living in Pordenone, who would have turned 31 on 23 July, there was no escape: he died due to the very serious crush injuries sustained in the injury.

Yesterday was his second day at Aldo Pezzutti in via Interporto, a company specializing in the molding of plastic materials. 

Bagna Lare, for all Kevin, was not a fool. He knew how to do his job and, precisely for this reason, the company had entrusted him with a forklift. 

The same one that yesterday afternoon at 2.30 pm, for reasons being ascertained by the technicians of the Prevention and Safety Service in the workplace, during the maneuvers of moving some caissons collided with another forklift driven by a colleague. 

The accident occurred inside the company’s warehouse and there was no escape for the 30 year old. After the clash, Bagna, who most likely did not wear seat belts, was thrown from the vehicle and ended up on the ground. 

Bad luck has it that the forklift overturned, ended up above him and crushed him. Two colleagues provided first aid. They used another forklift to attempt to lift the overturned vehicle, which prevented Kevin from moving, but there was nothing more for the 30-year-old to do. 

The crushing injuries reported in the accident are too serious, on which the technicians of the Health Prevention Department are trying to clarify together with the State Police and the Carabinieri.

When the emergency vehicles (118 staff and firefighters) arrived in via Interporto, there was nothing more for the forklift driver to do. The helicopter rescuer was brought back. 

Difficult to give an explanation of what happened. It is difficult for those who, like Giuseppe Bortolussi, managing director of the Interport of Pordenone, know the reality of Pezzutti well: «I am upset. I noticed some movement in the vicinity of the factory spreading my arms but I never imagined that a fatal accident had occurred. I know the owners and know how they work. 

Pezzutti is a model reality, in which the managers are more in the production departments than behind the desks. Employees are fine, I know they are given extra breaks so they can make the best of it. That is why Bortolussi cannot rest. The news of the death of a 30 year old leaves me stunned ». 

Pezzutti di Pordenone produces plastic components. Compared to the Fiume Veneto plant, the company in via Interporto operates almost exclusively for IKEA. “A very clean factory adds Bortolussi who has never created any problems.”

JUST Hired
For Bagna Lare, yesterday was the second day of work at Pezzutti. Before, he who has always shown willingness and with a great desire to learn, had been employed by Aster Coop as a forklift driver, working within the Electrolux Professional. 

Bewilderment among the new colleagues, who have not even had time to meet him. Meanwhile, the police, as ordered by the magistrate on duty, proceeded to seize the two damaged forklifts and the area where the tragedy took place. Bewilderment and anger remain for yet another fatal accident at work: another deep wound, another day to forget.


Bagna Lare was proud of his new job. He, 30 years old originally from Togo, but for more than fifteen years in Italy, after obtaining his diploma as a metal mechanic, had immediately put himself in the game.

At Pezzutti di Pordenone he thought he had found a certain stability, the one that from an economic point of view, after changing over time more employers, would allow him to continue to help his mother and brother who still live in Africa.

But also his four children, who had multiple relationships, who are now without their dad. Not much is known about him. Kevin, as everyone called himself, was someone who preferred to be on his own. A simple life, without excesses, of passion for fitness and the gym.

In Italy he had arrived with his father, who lives in Fontanafredda, and who after yesterday’s fatal accident could not give himself peace. “Bagna remembers Habib, a cousin has always worked hard. A good person, indeed very good and helpful with everyone.

They told me he’s gone, he died on his new job. I don’t know anything else.” While we’re contacting him on the phone, Habib is driving to the hospital. With him there are other relatives, no one knows well what happened in the warehouse of the company via Interporto.

“We have been informed — the cousin says it with a voice broken by pain that Kevin is gone. It’s a huge regret for us, there’s not much more to say.”

Relatives want to know the truth. But no one, at least for now, is able to determine exactly how things went. Not even the technicians of the Workplace Safety and Prevention Service, who produced a detailed report on what happened yesterday.

There are many questions. Was it a tragic event or would Bagna, with some extra precautions, be able to save himself?

Certainly the 30-year-old was not lucky and would probably have survived if, after the clash between the two mills, his vehicle had not overturned crushing him. A tragic event, which deeply affected his family, friends and the company for which he had recently started working.

Promising, as always, to give your best. On Facebook, a colleague wrote: “Kevin was on his second day of work. Not even time to get to know him.” For him this was the beginning of a new experience. It’s hard to imagine that it would be the last.

From The Climax News Room Team to the family of the Victim: ““Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.” .

From David to Kalii and the Kids: “My heart is with you in your time of sorrow.”

Here is the post on facebook from his girlfriend:  Kali Kam Rnl updated her profile picture.

A true relationship is when you can tell the other person anything, without secrets without lies or fears. 💖 When you choose yourself not because you have nothing else, but because you don't want anything else. 💕

Here are some photo of His last memories with His family and kids: 


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