David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker team up for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time game next year

David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker team up for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time game next year

And there’s a Blink-themed mobile experience too.

There’s a double whammy of Doctor Who games tumbling out of the old time vortex early next year; one, starring David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker, is making its way to PC and consoles, and the other is coming to iOS, Android, and Switch.

Tennant and Whittaker – resuming their roles as the tenth and thirteenth Doctors, respectively – are joining forces in Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, an expansion of 2019’s so-so VR effort Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, by developer Maze Theory.

The Edge of Reality “reimagines, and builds upon” last year’s experience, adding new puzzles and challenges, new monsters, and new explorable worlds. Whittaker already featured in The Edge of Time, guiding players on their TARDIS-powered adventures, but Tennant is making his debut in this reworked version, which is said to continue the original story.

As for the second newly announced Doctor Who offering, it’s called The Lonely Assassins, and is the work of Simulacra developer Kaigan Games. This one sounds like the considerably more intriguing of the two, taking the form of a ‘found phone’ experience inspired by Stephen Moffat’s acclaimed Nu-Who Series 3 episode Blink.

Players are tasked with unravelling a sinister series of events – revolving around a missing person and the “hidden past of the Weeping Angels” – all focussed on Blink’s spooky Wester Drumlins mansion. Better yet, fan-favourite character Petronella Osgood, played by Ingrid Oliver, will be in attendance, serving as a guide throughout the FMV-heavy investigation.

The Edge of Reality will release on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC, while The Lonely Assassins is coming to iOS, Android, and Switch. Both games are scheduled to launch in spring next year.

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