Daily Horoscope: November 14, 2020

Daily Horoscope: November 14, 2020

The moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus at 12:10 AM, encouraging us to experiment with something new. The sun connects with power planet Pluto at 2:44 PM, bringing a deeper understanding of our current circumstances. The moon connects with Neptune at 4:06 PM, inspiring us to express ourselves artistically. The sun connects with Jupiter at 10:58 PM, creating a generous mood and encouraging us to branch out beyond our usual routines. The moon connects with Pluto 11:30 PM, and we’re exploring our deepest emotions.

All times ET.

Scorpio season has found you settling debts and gaining closure. What will releasing the past mean for your future, Aries? As the sun mingles with power planet Pluto and expansive Jupiter, new opportunities arrive.

Scorpio season is all about relationships for you, dear Taurus. As the sun connects with Pluto and Jupiter today, you and you partners are having deep conversations about where you see things going.

Scorpio season has found you reorganizing your routine and breaking bad habits. You’re a flexible person, Gemini, so you’re always open to making changes, and today brings a big adjustment as the moon connects with transformative Pluto and the planet of expansion, Jupiter.

Scorpio season is a celebratory time of year for you, Cancer. Romance and creativity flow! This an exceptionally powerful day to connect with your partners as the sun connects with Pluto and Jupiter. Deep conversations take place and it’s a wonderful moment for bonding.

Scorpio season has brought your focus to your home and family, and important conversations concerning these themes take place as the sun connects with Jupiter and Pluto, encouraging you to rearrange your personal life.

Scorpio season is a major time of year for you when it comes to communication! Important discussions are taking place today, especially concerning your love life and your artistic collaborations as the sun connects with Pluto and Jupiter.

Scorpio season finds you organizing your finances, and today is an especially powerful day to manage your assets and make moves toward building security and abundance as the sun mingles with Pluto and Jupiter.

The sun is in your sign, Scorpio, encouraging you to move toward your dreams, and you’re receiving helpful information today as the sun connects with your ruling planet Pluto and lucky Jupiter.

You’ve been reconnecting with your inner voice during Scorpio season, and as the sun connects with Pluto and Jupiter today, your intuition is leading you toward material abundance.

Scorpio season finds you connecting with friends and expanding your social circle, and today you’re linking up with some especially exciting and powerful people as the sun mingles with Pluto and Jupiter.

Scorpio season has found you focused on your career, and as the sun mingles with Pluto and Jupiter today, you’re encouraged to step back from your work, catch up on time with yourself, and reconnect with your dreams for the future.

Scorpio season has found you eager to break out of your usual routine. You’re craving new experiences, and as the sun connects with Pluto and Jupiter today, you’re connecting with exciting people and having inspiring conversations.

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