Daily horoscope for October 28, 2020

Daily horoscope for October 28, 2020

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General Daily Insight for October 28, 2020

We have a strong desire to connect with others today, and even if some of our conversations leave us frustrated, we still appreciate the interaction. The Moon moves into powerful Aries at 4:45 am EDT and faces off with relationship-focused Venus just after, encouraging us to go out of our way to have exchanges with our friends and families. Most likely the vibes will be positive, and even tough conversations will do more good than harm. We can learn a lot about our attitudes toward our relationships now.

Opposites attract today as the Moon positions itself in your sign and across from Venus, the planet of desire. You may find yourself intrigued by someone who annoyed you in the past. Though it could feel weird to initiate a friendly conversation with this person, you thrive on change and excitement, so it’s worth exploring! There’s no need to label this connection, however; just enjoy the interaction instead of fixating on where the relationship may lead.

Your better judgment may not be in top form today when it comes to loved ones. You’re smart enough to recognize the inherent problem with letting your heart lead, yet you may still find yourself going above and beyond for others … without getting the same energy in return. Turn this around by first making sure you aren’t hoisting people up onto a pedestal they haven’t earned. Text a trusted friend if you need someone to talk a little sense into you.

It’s hard not to want to take off for fun activities with friends today. If you are able to carve out some social time, be careful not to let your plans be hijacked by your friend’s choices in entertainment. Take control and offer suggestions for things you’d enjoy so that you end up feeling like your time was well-spent. Of course, choose something that may appeal to everyone, and be open to meeting someone new along the way!

While your professional life may be positively lighting up and your mind is active with ideas, your attention is called back to your domestic world today. Your mind is on fire right now, so don’t stop the brainstorming sessions! But how about hosting a second one around your own kitchen table and letting your family join in? They are the ones who know you best and, chances are, they’ll love being included in the exciting professional developments you have going on.

You can’t help but be honest and opinionated when talking with others today, though it comes from a place of love. It’s possible that you will overshare a bit, but thankfully, the people who love you most are used to your bold vulnerability. As long as you are in trusted company, it’s okay to spill all the tea. A change of scenery in your immediate environment would also do you good, including switching your office around for a new vibe.

Taking a closer look at your budget may be required today as you consider spending on an important item. You have great taste, but when you decide to splurge, you can really make a dent in your savings account. Think hard about what you really need as opposed to what you simply want. This will help you stay on track financially. It may also be a good idea to start a separate savings account for big purchases.

If your closest relationships have been going through a tough time, things could clear up today. With the Moon in independent Aries opposing Venus in your sign, you’ll clearly be able to apply boundaries as needed. Have you been giving someone too much power over your emotions or taking on their problems as your own? The only person who is responsible for your happiness is you. You can support each other, but you have to know what is yours to carry versus what is theirs.

You may begin to take a hard look at your expectations in friendships, relationships, and working collaborations today. It’s awesome that you have clear boundaries, but is it possible that you have unrealistic standards? If you set the bar so high that it’s impossible for someone to reach, you’ll always notice their flaws and shortcomings. Try a different approach. Instead of being ready to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble, try giving them another shot.

It feels good to be acknowledged for the work that you do, especially when you’ve been hustling so hard behind the scenes. You could receive lots of well-deserved praise and recognition today, and you should enjoy the attention! The flattery you receive comes from people genuinely appreciating your talent. However, stop short of negotiating any deals or making any promises that go beyond setting up a meeting. It’s possible that you could get caught up in the flattery and overvalue other people.

Devote some time today to creating a cozy atmosphere for your daily activities, especially if you’ve been working from home lately. There’s no point in trying to hustle to any finish lines or crush the competition now, so take a moment to pause and set yourself up for success. You might even have an opportunity to resolve an ongoing conflict with a so-called nemesis. As you take a more objective view, you may begin to wonder what took you so long to team up in the first place.

There are tons of ways to make money nowadays and if you use your powerful imagination, you will put yourself on the path to prosperity. You could be struck with inspiration for a money-making business endeavor today, and it’s a great day to market your talents on social media to let people know what you are offering. Don’t forget to adopt a successful mindset! Eliminate scarcity from your mind and know that a life of abundance is available to you!

Tension in the air could have you feeling on-edge and clinging to a sense of control. While your money houses are activated today, you could have a moment of anxiety about your financial situation or get really upset about a shared expense between you and a loved one. But restrain yourself from going to the extreme, too! You could easily blow your money on an expensive item because you feel like you deserve it. Find another activity that will make you feel luxurious without breaking the bank.

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