Daily horoscope for July 14, 2020


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General Daily Insight for July 14, 2020

We can achieve whatever we believe now that the Moon is touring sensual Taurus and making a supportive sextile to logical Mercury. This knowledge may be scary, especially when the childish Sun opposes excessive Jupiter at 3:58 am EDT. If it’s really this easy to make wishes come true, we need to take full responsibility for our lives. Fortunately, Luna’s conjunction to detached Uranus will help us to not only manifest our desires, but to let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us. We are becoming better versions of ourselves.

Staying at the top of your game doesn’t mean having to abuse power or take advantage of your prestige. One of your best qualities is your outgoing nature. By taking the time to connect with everyone at all levels of an organization, you’ll build a strong power base. Even your rivals can’t gain much traction with someone who is universally liked. If you sense someone has been denigrating you, invite them to a phone call or lunch. Instead of confronting them about their behavior, ask lots of questions about them. Their animosity could quickly dissipate.

Trying to convert others to a different way of thinking is an exercise in futility today. Adopt a “live and let live” attitude toward friends, coworkers, and people you interact with regularly. If you’re dealing with someone whose beliefs seem odious, take a temporary break from each other. Both of you may cool down in a few days. The best way you can get others to adjust to your way of thinking and doing things is to lead by example. People won’t change overnight, but with consistency in your actions, you’ll gradually encourage them to lean your way.

The close relationship you yearn for with a friend, lover, or business partner has been eluding you. It won’t always be this way. Rather than beat the drum of what you don’t have, imagine yourself in possession of the partnership you want. Have imaginary chats with someone who not only cares for you, but anticipates your needs and understands your desires. Escaping to this fantasyland will be a welcome respite. By the end of the day, you may notice the resistance you’ve been encountering is slowly ebbing away. This is a sign to stay relaxed and stop overthinking things.

Putting your needs aside for the sake of others is no longer working. This lack of personal attention may have led to you feeling sad, resentful, and anxious. Today, the egotistical Sun’s harsh opposition to unrealistic Jupiter means it’s time to restore balance to your life. Stop waiting for some far-off day when you can relax and enjoy your favorite pastimes. Cancel appointments, clear your schedule, and make that day today. Don’t try to pack in activities. Simply spending the day beside a body of water or strolling through a beautiful garden will rejuvenate your soul.

It’s tempting to go overboard with indulgence while the excitable Sun opposes excessive Jupiter in your 6th House of Health Habits. Practice moderation when it comes to food and drink today and be sure to give your system some premium fuel like water and fresh produce. A healthy lifestyle is easier to attain when you focus on what you’re gaining rather than what you’re giving up. Once you start to see and feel the positive effects of your choices, maintaining these behaviors will be a cinch.

Let the good times roll. If you have to stop something enjoyable today to attend to chores and responsibilities, you can still have fun in the process. The key is to stop associating work with drudgery. Take a page from an optimist’s handbook and smile and laugh while you attend to business. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get things done. Working your way through these tasks will also give your brain some much-needed engagement. At the end of the day, both your mind and spirit will be satisfied.

Your ideal home and family life is closer than you think. Though you may not be able to purchase your dream house immediately, you can bring this possibility closer to fruition by focusing all your intentions. Make plans for the wonderful furniture and artwork you’re going to buy for your future abode; think about all the parties you will throw; picture the outdoor spaces in minute detail. The universe is on your side, but first you must show it what you want so that it can be mirrored back to you.

You can still reach the top of your game even if you don’t have formal training. Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can by watching documentaries and online tutorials. Reading how-to books and step-by-step manuals can also be helpful. After learning the basics, you could connect with an expert or coach who will be able to give you hands-on lessons. This could be a huge breakthrough for you. The key is to take the initiative now, rather than waiting for that lucky break to occur. Time is of the essence.

Throwing money at a problem won’t make it go away. Such an impulse may be the result of the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter, your ruling planet, in your 2nd House of Money. If there’s an issue you need to resolve, first, stop struggling. Release everything you have riding on an outcome and silently ask for peace instead. Refuse to get drawn into arguments about the matter; just stay busy with detail-oriented jobs that require your full attention. Slowly but surely, the situation will be resolved and you won’t need to pay for assistance.

Taking a close relationship for granted could result in a regrettable loss. It’s time to reassess your priorities. While it’s understandable that you’ve been preoccupied with Jupiter touring your 1st House of Self, that doesn’t give you license to neglect others. Put down what you’re doing and turn your full attention toward your best friend, romantic partner, or associate today. Ask how they’ve been doing and inquire after their dreams. Plan to spend some quality time together. These added attentions can go a long way to strengthening your bond.

When you’re feeling troubled, a different perspective can truly help to turn things around. Realize that you’re in a much better situation than many people in the world. Pause to give thanks for shelter, meals, and companionship today. When you’re waiting in a checkout line, make mental gratitude lists. If you drive to work, put on some upbeat music you enjoyed while growing up. When you direct your mind toward calm waters, it will sail smoothly. If an unpleasant thought occurs to you, simply acknowledge it, then move on to more fulfilling ideas. Don’t give power to negativity.

Your friends or teammates may be making too many demands on you lately. Instead of trying to juggle all their needs, go off and do something on your own today. The sooner your loved ones learn to do things for themselves, the stronger these relationships will become. Contrary to what you might think, people don’t value you for the work you perform. They love you because you are kind, funny, and compassionate. Once you return to the scene, your everyone will be clamoring to talk to you again.

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