Crown Fans Spotted a Random Mouse in One of the New Episodes, and They’re Freaking Out

Crown Fans Spotted a Random Mouse in One of the New Episodes, and They’re Freaking Out
The Crown’s fourth season only started streaming on Netflix November 15, but eagle-eyed fans are already dissecting every last frame of the royal drama. 

Of course, there is much to discuss with the emergence of Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson). But it’s the debut of a much smaller star (literally) that has Crown stans buzzing on social media. 

In a scene in episode three taking place at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, and the queen mother, a mouse scurries across the floor. “Anyone else catch the mouse casually strolling past the Queen Mother in Episode 3?” one person tweeted. “Starting #TheCrown S04E03 and… Did I just see a fucking mouse ran across a room where the Queen Mother was seated?!” another wrote, along with a perfect Britney Spears GIF. 

But lest you think this was some sort of mistake—like the Starbucks cup on Game of Thrones—it was totally on purpose. The show’s official Netflix account even quipped, “Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series?”

I mean, the presence of a mouse in Windsor Castle makes sense. It’s an old landmark, after all; I’m sure there are plenty of mice actually scurrying through it right now as we speak. 

Mice aside, The Crown is already the subject of much fanfare, as we said. The new season really makes you see Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship in a new way. “I had a friend of mine say, ‘We all know the end, but there was a moment where you go, Oh, maybe they’re going to be okay. That is literally all Emma [Corrin] and I wanted to achieve,” Josh O’Connor, who plays Prince Charles, tells Glamour. “The thing you’re fighting against on The Crown is that everyone knows what happened already. To make people have hope that this relationship might work is a real achievement for us.”

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