COVID-19: UK reports another 462 coronavirus deaths and 26,860 new cases

COVID-19: UK reports another 462 coronavirus deaths and 26,860 new cases

A further 462 coronavirus deaths and 26,860 new cases have been recorded in the UK, government figures show.

The day before, a further 27,301 people tested positive for coronavirus and 376 deaths were reported.

On the previous Saturday, some 24,957 cases and 413 deaths were announced – showing there has been a slight increase since then.

Coronavirus cases and deaths have been increasing in recent weeks, with 33,470 new cases confirmed on Thursday – the highest ever daily number of cases recorded.

However, COVID-19 cases at the peak of the pandemic in April are likely to have been undercounted because fewer people were being tested.

There is also some evidence that the growth of infections is slowing, meaning they are still increasing but not as rapidly.

A recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey estimated 654,000 people had COVID-19 outside of hospital in England between 31 October and 6 November, the equivalent of around 1.2% of the population.

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This was up from 618,700 people, or 1.13% of the population, the week before.

Infection rates in Wales and Scotland also increased, but in Northern Ireland they “appear to have levelled off”, the ONS said.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland imposed short-term lockdowns in an effort to get on top of coronavirus infections.

But government scientists have warned that returning to a tiered system of coronavirus restrictions in England next month will cause infections to rise again.

Newly-released documents from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said infections will “return to the same rate of increase” once the lockdown is lifted.

Meanwhile, psychiatrists have warned they expect a surge in demand for mental health care while people are struggling to cope during lockdown.

There is a serious cause for concern over the number of people needing urgent care due to mental health issues, the Royal College of Psychiatrists told Sky News.

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