Covid-19: Mixed reactions as Capetonians are urged to go to quarantine sites | WATCH | Covid-19: Mixed reactions as Capetonians are urged to go to quarantine sites
  • The Western Cape health department held a roadshow in Scottsdene, Cape Town.
  • A total of 33 quarantine sites have been made available across the Western Cape.
  • But 70% of Covid-19 patients have refused the offer for quarantine or isolation accommodation. 

Western Cape Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo on Wednesday joined community health workers as they visited homes in Scottsdene, Cape Town.

The aim of the awareness campaign was to get residents to accept the offer of quarantine accommodation, which has been created by the department. 

Equipped with a loud hailer, the MEC informed residents of Ashbury Court of the options available.

Over 50% of the 4 700 available beds across province are unoccupied. 

Mbombo told News24 that this was part of the department’s plan to contain the virus in vulnerable communities. 

“It is not compulsory for people to go to isolation sites – it is case by case. It depends on whether the person can self-quarantine or not,” Mbombo explained. 

Residents said the fear of leaving their homes unattended for two weeks, no alcohol at quarantine facilities, and being separated from their families all contributed to their reasons for refusing to go. 

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However, Theresa Snyders, a long-time resident of Ashbury Court, said it was a great privilege to have the MEC in her neighbourhood.

“I think it is a privilege for the community of Scottsdene that the MEC came here today. Her visit came with a lot of benefits. She mentioned that, if we get sick, there would be a place for us to go,” she said.


Snyders, who shares a two-bedroom home with nine other people, said she is doing everything to prevent her family from getting the virus.

“There are so many ads on the TV and we have apps on our phones to keep us up-to-date about the virus,” she explained. 

“I clean the house, and wipe everything with sanitiser. We keep teaching our children to wash their hands.” 

La-Isla Hartzenberg said she would prefer to isolate at home if she were to contract the virus. She lives in a household along with seven other people. 

“My mother had Covid-19 and she was able to recover from the virus,” she said.

“She managed to isolate herself in our two-bedroom home. We were there to assist her with whatever she needed, and I think that helped her get better,” she explained.

The Western Cape health department is sharpening its public messaging on quarantine and isolation placement ahead of the projected peak in the province.

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