Computer Crime: Pirates and Phone Phreaks (1983)

Computer Crime: Pirates and Phone Phreaks (1983)
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SoftSide Magazine Issue 59 (Broadway Adventure) (September 1983). THE WORLD CONNECTION Computer Crime: Pirates and Phone Phreaks (Technological crime is burgeoning in the microcomputer age. The source of the illness lies in the expanded capabilities the new technology offers, but so does the cure.) – Tim Knight, ENTERTAINMENT TOMORROW The Futurephone: A Broader View (The telephone is a familiar device most of us use every day. Major changes are ahead which may affect our lives in significant ways as the simple phone evolves into a sophisticated communications tool for much more than voice transmission alone.) – Allen L. Wold, WARGAMES: A REVIEW AND COMMENTARY (A Doomsday Computer playing war games with a young computer freak takes the world to the brink of total destruction. In the process, they raise troubling questions about humanity permitting large arsenals of nuclear weapons to exist, and how wisely our military and political leaders control them.) – Steve Birchall, THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND (Part II) Arousing Fantasy (Adventure games can be much more exciting when you harness the power of fantasy to involve the player in the situation. Give him a scenario which stimulates him to act out his own role, and supply him with characters who have dramatic personalities.) – Peter J. Favaro, FINANCIAL OPERATING SYSTEM (You can succeed in the commodities market. This program tracks price trends and accurately predicts major movements so you can optimize your profits – and avoid taking big losses.) – J. M. Keynes, CALC/SIDE: VisiCalc Plays Games Too! (Have fun with your spreadsheet. This adaptation of the old pencil and paper game of Battleship uses VisiCalc’s logic functions and grid system to hide stars in an imaginary universe.) – David Peters, IS IT FUN? (Have you ever asked yourself, “What kind of a mind would design such a twisted game?” Find out in this rollicking, free-form interview with two of the industry’s most creative game designers, Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn.) – M. M. McClung, MURPHY AND ME: ROBOT LIB (fiction) (It’s not easy being a robot. The oppression of our Silicon Citizens has reached intolerable levels, and Murphy bares his chips in this moving account of the widespread discrimination against robots.) – Steve Birchall, Editorial, Input, The Data Stack, The Sides of SoftSide, Hints and Enhancements, Bugs, Worms & Other Undesirables, New Products, MicroLog: Resources Received, Market/Side, Advertisers’ Index, Machine Head, Review of ZORK (One of the most sophisticated and enjoyable adventure games, Zork I enables you to talk to the computer in complete, natural sentences. It also “understands” the implications of your actions and relates the command you just typed to previous actions.) – Mark Renne, Review of SUSPENDED (Cryogenically frozen, you must find a way to escape, using a corps of robots, each with specialized abilities. Meanwhile, the authorities have a couple of clones of yourself “frozen in butter sauce” so you’ll have to be careful.) – Arlan Levitan, Review of Night Mission Pinball (PC) – Robert L. Gray, Review of Genesis (Apple) – Cary W. Bradley, Review of Prisoner 2 (Apple) – Jeff Hurlburt, Adventuring on the Apple (Apple) – Edward E. Anuff, Review of Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress (Atari) – Carl M. Firman, Review of Jumbo Jet Pilot (Atari) – John Ludtke, Review of Shamus Case 2 (Atari) – David Plotkin, Review of Matchboxes (Atari) – David Plotkin, Exploring The Atari Frontier (Manipulating Players and Missiles) (Atari) – Alan J. Zett, Review of Fredericksburg (S-80) – Stuart Hawkinson, SOFTSIDE SELECTIONS (Software for Your Personal Computer!) – Between pages 52 & 53, Cover Illustration (Broadway – just the mention of the name conjures up images of opening night excitement, glittering marquees, buzzing crowds and squadrons of noisy taxis. Lucy Taylor captures all the glamour of the theatre in her brightly-hued watercolor impression of New York’s Broadway and 42nd Street. Play this month’s Front Runner and suffer exquisite agonies of producing a successful Broadway show. But now all the hard work is over, the orchestra is playing the overture, and the curtain is going up …).

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