Colombia’s Largest Cities go Back Into Lock-down After Record Week of Covid-19 Cases..

Colombia’s Largest Cities go Back Into Lock-down After Record Week of Covid-19 Cases..
Colombia’s largest cities have reimposed lock-down measures, after a surge in cases during the last seven days pushed the Latin American country beyond 150,000 total cases.

Colombia is currently the 5th most affected country with Covid-19 cases in Latin America and more than 20% of total cases were registered in the last seven days, including a record 6,803 new cases last Friday, according to data collected by the Colombian Health Ministry.

On Monday evening, the country reported 3,832 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 154,277. The death toll stands at at least 5,455.

In Bogota, the capital city where more than 30% of cases were registered, local mayor Claudia López announced a localized lockdown, dividing the city into three areas that will go under total lockdown on a two-week rotation.
During the lockdown in these areas, only essential shops are allowed to open and only a single member per family is allowed to leave the house to buy food, medicine and other supplies.

Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, also reimposed a partial lockdown Monday, despite it having one of the lowest increase of Covid-19 earlier in the pandemic.
The coronavirus pandemic remains highly localized in Colombia. Two key areas, Bogota and the north Atlantic coast, account for more than 50% of total registered cases, while several regions have registered only a limited amount of cases, according to data by the Colombian Health Ministry.

The Colombian government is under pressure to open up new parts of the economy, especially in regions that have not seen a surge in cases in order to limit economic damage triggered by the lockdown.

Unemployment has more than doubled in Colombian urban areas reaching almost 25% in May, according to DANE, the country’s National Administrative Department of Statistics.

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