Christina Aguilera & Liz Phair Sing About Voting for #YourVoiceYourVote Twitter Campaign

Christina Aguilera & Liz Phair Sing About Voting for #YourVoiceYourVote Twitter Campaign

Dua Lipa, Zedd, the Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean and Howie Dorough, and more artists wielded their well-known voices for Twitter’s #YourVoiceYourVote campaign by using the voice Tweet feature.

Many of their individual messages direct their millions of followers to, where they can check their voter registration status in two minutes or less. And if the swiftness of the process doesn’t convince you, let Christina Aguilera and Liz Phair do the honors. The two superstars tapped their mics to sing about the importance of voting with inspirational lyrics fans might have heard before.

“Stand tall, then proudly lift your voices. Let ’em know who we are and our choices,” Aguilera bellowed for a beautiful rendition of her 2016 single “Change.” Meanwhile, the indie rock singer-songwriter recorded a one-minute original song about curbing any excuses for not voting in the upcoming Nov. 3 election. “I don’t want to hear you waited too long to vote when you could’ve voted early. I don’t want to hear you blew it off and slept in when we need a clear majority this election,” she sang while playing guitar.

Find all the musicians’ #YourVoiceYourVote messages below.

it takes seconds to ensure your voice will count this november. check your voter registration status. get access to early voting and mail in ballots. get informed to take action #yourvoiceyourvote

— marshmello (@marshmellomusic) September 15, 2020

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