Indias COVID deaths hit record high amid calls for nationwide lockdown

New Delhi — There are new calls for India’s prime minister to implement a nationwide shutdown, as COVID-19 spreads at a breakneck speed. The country on Saturday reported more than 4,000 deaths due to the virus, marking a new single-day high. The coronavirus is claiming lives faster than India can bury or cremateContinue Reading

We are witnessing a crime against humanity Arundhati Roy on Indias Covid catastrophe

A special message from Microsoft News: India is currently being devastated by a deadly second wave of Covid. You can support Oxfam’s Covid relief efforts in India, including reaching out to the most affected and vulnerable communities, distributing and installing medical equipment and accessories, and supporting the most marginalised households. YouContinue Reading

Exodus in India as thousands flee cities after Covid rages out of control

Hundreds of people are crowding onto trains and buses in India, hoping to get home before another lockdown is announced. Footage filmed from a train passing through Surat station in Gujarat shows crowds piling onto stations in the hope of avoiding having to walk hundreds of miles. The situation isContinue Reading

Man Charged With Fraud After Dating Women at Once to Get Birthday Presents

For many folks out there, one romantic partner is more than enough. But for one committed fraudster, thirty-five appeared to be the perfect number. According to The Tokyo Reporter, 39-year-old Takashi Miyagawa is suspected of simultaneously having serious relationships with upwards of 30 women, with the intention of defrauding them byContinue Reading

COVID news live Latest as cases of new variant found in UK and Keir Starmer kicked out of pub over lockdown response

104 cases of new Indian coronavirus variant found in UK; India added to “red list” of countries; Keir Starmer kicked out of pub in Bath over COVID lockdown support.Continue Reading