A Canadian oil firm thinks it has struck big Some fear it could ravage a climate change hotspot

Striking oil here could be worth billions of dollars. Not everyone is happyContinue Reading

The sunniest place in the UK and other amazing weather facts

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World leaders pledge cooperation during Bidens global climate summit

World leaders beamed into President Biden’s virtual global summit on climate change Thursday, vowing to collaborate on targets for world-wide decarbonization while also laying out their own countries’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The first day of a two-day summit featured remarks from 27 world leaders from all corners of theContinue Reading

Climate change is affecting agrarian migrant livelihoods in Ghana This is how

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how people in parts of the world most affected by climate change are also at higher risk of getting sick and dying of the disease. Access to water and nutritious foods is vital to fighting COVID-19. But in many African countries, access to food and water is deeplyContinue Reading

Im a climate scientist – heres three key things I have learned over a year of COVID

The planet had already warmed by around 1.2℃ since pre-industrial times when the World Health Organization officially declared a pandemic on March 11 2020. This began a sudden and unprecedented drop in human activity, as much of the world went into lockdown and factories stopped operating, cars kept their engines off andContinue Reading