The best robot vacuum for 2021

Is a sparkling clean floor one of your spring cleaning goals? If so, you don’t need a complicated chore wheel or cleaning schedule. And you can put the upright vacuum, broom, dust bin and mop back in the closet. We now live in the age of the smart vacuum, and there are robots to do…Continue Reading

How to Use the Google Home App for PC

Control your Google Home devices from your desktop or laptop The Google Home app sets up and manages Chromecast, Google Home, and other smart devices compatible with Google Home. While it’s designed to only work with iOS and Android devices, use an Android emulator or Google Chrome to access the app from a desktop computer. Information inContinue Reading

How to Connect Alexa to Your Computer

Get access to your computer with verbal cues What To Know For Alexa on Windows, press Start > Alexa app > Set up…Alexa > Continue… > Terms… > Finish. Sign in to Amazon. For Echo on Win 10, log into Alexa > Settings > your Echo > Bluetooth > Pair. Open Bluetooth Settings on Win 10, and connect. For Echo on Mac, log into Alexa > Settings > your Echo > Bluetooth > Pair. Bluetooth onContinue Reading