More publishers are reportedly considering a price hike on next-gen console games

The big picture: Gamers can expect a price hike for next-gen console titles as research firm IDG reports that more publishers are exploring the idea owing to development costs increasing two to threefolds over the past several years, with the $60 baseline for AAA games remaining pretty much unaltered. There are reasonable arguments to be…Continue Reading

West of Dead Review

Price: £15.49Developer: Upstream ArcadePublisher: Raw FuryPlatform: PCThe debut title from Upstream Arcade (founded by Arkane’s former co-director Raphael Colantonio) West of Dead a shooter-cum-roguelike designed to look like a comic book and sound like raw testosterone. From its inky-black shadows through its steel-guitar soundtrack, to its gravelly Ron Perlman narration, West of Dead absolutely drips…Continue Reading

MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X Review

Manufacturer: MSI UK price (as reviewed): Approx £400US price (as reviewed): TBCMost pre-watercooled motherboards cost an arm and a leg and have some proprietary waterblock in tow, ready to plumb into your system. They’re certainly very attractive propositions if your wallet is suitably endowed, and often look a little snazzier than a third-party CPU-only water block. However, the next…Continue Reading

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Preview

Price: £17.49Developer: Blackbird InteractivePublisher: Focus Home InteractiveRelease: Out now (Early Access)First I cut off the nacelles. It’s a quick slash-and-tether job on either side. Easy money for the amount of work involved, especially if it’s a transport ship. Those gals have double the number of nacelles compared to cargo ships. It’s a little mindless, but…Continue Reading

AMD vs. Intel

At the heart of your pursuit for a new or upgraded PC beats an important decision: Go with an AMD or Intel CPU? Like MacOS versus Windows or Borderlands versus Destiny, the AMD vs. Intel rivalry is one of the greatest debates for PC enthusiasts. Yet one of these two purveyors of finely-wafered silicon will deliver…Continue Reading